DIB ISAC membership will be comprised of the companies that support mission and the infrastructure of the Defense Industrial Base Community..

Contractor Membership: Industry membership in the DIB ISAC is open to companies that have responsibility for the protection of DIB Sector infrastructure as well as support personnel responsible for the protection of DIB Sector resources. Companies must submit a DIB ISAC Company Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), signed by an authorized company representative to the DIB ISAC for approval.

Individual Membership: Upon company membership approval, company representatives must also sign the NDA for access to the DIB ISAC platform. Approved individual members will be granted access to DIB ISAC resources upon approval of the member company application, executed Individual DIB ISAC NDA, and payment of associated contractor membership fees. The DIB ISAC reserves the right to revoke company and/or individual participation in the DIB ISAC if the member company and/or derivative individual members are found not to be compliant with operating policies, procedures, and other specific guidance.

Contractor Membership Fees: Membership participation fees shall be established at the organizational level. Each member company shall pay to the DIB ISAC such fees or assessments as shall be determined and levied from time to time in accordance with a schedule to be approved by the DIB ISAC. The fee structure will be reviewed on at least an annual basis. Any member company that fails to pay fees or assessments within sixty (60) days after the due date shall be considered delinquent and company membership and all derivative individual memberships shall be suspended or terminated.
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Membership Agreement